The South London Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Pet CareAt the South London Emergency Veterinary Centre we know that pets don’t just get ill during normal surgery hours. As a client of our day clinic partners you can be assured that if your pet has an emergency, whatever time of day or night, a dedicated team of veterinary nurses and vets will only be a phone call away.

Our purpose-built emergency clinic offers many veterinary services including digital radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG, in house pathology, blood pressure measurement, blood transfusion facilities, intensive care unit, oxygen therapy, as well as a surgical preparation area and a well equipped surgical theatre. It is ready to deal with a wide range of emergencies including, pets hit by vehicles, collapses, poisoning and heat stress. SLEVC is not a specialist animal hospital, however referral to a world renowned specialist veterinary centres can be arranged if more complex procedures and treatment are required for your pet.


In the case of an emergency below a few pointers that we advise you to follow.

This will help shorten the time as much as possible for any treatment your pet might need.

If your pet is unwell or you had a look to our pet symptom checker page and you think he/she must be seen by a vet, please follow these simple steps first:

  1. If you have a regular vet, you should call them first even if they are closed to find what arrangements they have in place in case of an emergency or out of hour calls ( usually there is a recorded message guiding you on what to do)
  2. If you don’t have a regular vet, or would prefer to come to us, please call us immediately and let us know the nature of the problem, we will be always ready to help you and your pet

When you call us we will provide free advice over the phone and suggest whether you need to bring your pet directly to the SLEVC clinic for emergency care. If your pet has any pre-existing or ongoing condition, is taking medicines or has been seen by another vet recently, please do tell us all the information you have and bring with you any medical report/clinical history or medication that you have.